How to Get Rich With Nothing – update 2020

How to Get Rich With Nothing

how to get or become rich with nothing ? “SUCCESS IS NOT ACHIEVED OVER NIGHT, SO DON’T DREAM OF GETTING RICH BUT WORK TOWARDS IT” Did you read the above quote?

Well it is obvious that most of the people today want to get rich over night with nothing including even you. I hope you do dream of getting rich all the time. But perhaps, who don’t want to become rich in life?

Everybody wants to. But?

If you ask them what they do normally with their life? You will find out that they are rather increasing their chances of getting poor than that of becoming rich.

Let me tell you this.

You can never become or get rich by just daydreaming or imagining, unless by a miracle from above which I have no idea about. So, if you are always daydreaming and searching on “how to get rich with nothing?”

My brother or sister, you must work towards it, because without any action there is no result. That is why I said success is not achieved over night, you surely must do something before you can become or get rich. But maybe you will ask me that,

Hey, I don’t have anything or am left with nothing?

Well don’t worry, your question is answered.

Below are the proven ways on How to get rich with nothing

1. Look for Job

Well you heard it, I mean go out and get a job if you don’t have one.

See, before you can get rich, you must be earning some money some where so that you can invest, buy shares and to start a business.

But how can you afford to buy shares or invest whiles you don’t earn any money? You surely can’t so get a job and save some money and later invest it in other to earn more so that when your investment becomes big, you can then start a business with it in other to become or get rich quick.

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2. Learn A High-Income Skill

Hey you, answer this.

Do you really want to become or get rich?

If your answer is yes. Then stop searching around on how to get rich with nothing and make this move now, because this was my breakthrough that had made me a millionaire today. Me being an introvert I hated being around or working in a group of people, so I learnt a high-income skill and that was software engineering and copy writing.

So, I will advise you to learn copywriting or software engineering. You can actually do this online, But if you want someone who is much experience and had work for big companies before like me, to teach or assist you so that you can work online for a big or high paying company as me then contact me on I have helped a lot of people by being employed in amazon and click bank and am willing to help you too, until then check the next option on how to get rich with nothing below.

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3. Seek Advice From Rich People

“There is nothing new under the earth, the success you are looking for had been achieved by someone already “

So why don’t you seek for help from these people?

And as they say too. “The best way to catch a fish for yourself is to learn how to, from those who knows.

Do you know any rich man or woman in your area?

Then don’t be shy these people are willing to share their ideas with you, just confront them and ask! Please how can I get rich with nothing just as how you started? and you will be surprise how they will help you out.

4. Get rich by investment

So, how can you become a self-made millionaire with no money? Invest.

Before you start making excuses as to why you need experience with that, a degree in finance, or knowing the right people, know this: Enough people out there starting from nothing have made it without help, and so can you.

So, take this opportunity to learn something about investment so that you can double your money quick. Because investment is a great way to get you rich. But always remember to be educated well in a particular channel that you want to invest in because not all financial institute out there are willing to help you grow or double your income, others are there to even snatch what you have. CHECK ALSO " 5 HABBIT I QUITE TO BECOME RICH"

5. get rid of things that you don’t need

For most of the people may be including you.

mmm am sorry but did I said including you?

maybe I did, you see, a lot of people spend money on things they actually don’t need in their day to day activities, they just buy them just to impress others so that others will know that they are also somebody.

Oooo, No, not the best if you want to get rich with nothing, you must consider the things that you spend your money on that are worthless to you actually and get rid of them. Because instead of buying these items just for impression just consider spending those money on doing things that can earn you more money.

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6. Take Advantage of free money to (get rich)

Some employers take this concept even further and offer what amounts to free money to their employees for making smart choices. Some employers offer big, and a few even do this with HSA accounts.

You need to be grabbing every free contribution you can from your employers. If they offer matching contributions, contribute enough so that you can gobble up every dime they’re offering. If they just give you contributions into an account, make sure you’re signed up to get every dime of it.

This is essentially a free boost to your salary. It’s a very easy way to increase your level of getting rich without any effort at all, so you need to be taking advantage of these kinds of offers from your employer.

If you’re not sure whether your employer offers anything like this, contact your human resources department and ask! Simply ask whether your employer offers any contribution matching for retirement or healthcare savings. If they do, then do whatever you need to do to get every dime of it.

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7. Work hard to get rich in quick way

So, do you want to rely on a single job in other to get you rich?

NO. if you have a lot of time consider looking for part time jobs that pay well of than full time jobs. With this since is part time you can work for more than two companies a day if only you do manage your time well and hence this will make you become rich quick than depending on single paycheck.

But remember to make good use of your paycheck, because your goal here is to get rich and be financially independent not to be working for other companies forever. So, once you receive your paycheck instead of you just putting them in envelop under your bed? consider investing at least 20% of all your paycheck if you can and then live on the 80%.

This is a great idea that the richest man’s in Babylon were following.

It is well known in Babylon that before a man can get rich. He or she must be discipline enough to invest at least 10% of all his or her earnings.

In Summary

So, follow all the above option on how to get rich with nothing and choose the one that best suit you and make a move with it. And remember I said it earlier on that without action there is no result and without hard work there is no accomplishment of success. So, don’t just read but rather apply them so that you can become or get rich in the coming days.

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